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(AP) - Hope Lange, who starred opposite Hollywood's top actors over a decades-long career and earned an Oscar nomination for her supporting role in the 1957 film "Peyton Place," has died, her husband said Sunday. Lange died Friday at Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica after suffering an infection caused by an intestinal inflammation known as ischemic colitis, said her husband, Charles Hollerith.

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It was a daring film at a time when Hollywood avoided racial controversy, about a girl who passes for white in the North but faces the bitter hatred of whites after returning to her grandmother’s home in the Deep South.

“I grew up without knowing anything about prejudice; my mother saw to that,” Crain said in 1995.

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"I guess she felt competition because Hope was a young beauty." Lange is survived by her husband, a son, actor Christopher Murray, a daughter, Patricia Murray, and two grandchildren.

12/14/03 - Jeanne Crain - (AP) - LOS ANGELES - Jeanne Crain credited her mother for bringing her up in a household free of prejudice.

“If parents would keep prejudice and intolerance to themselves for one generation, we would have a different world.” Lena Horne and other black actresses sought the role, but Fox boss Darryl F.

Zanuck decided on a white star with box-office appeal.

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