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Remove the CD from your Xbox and reboot your system. I was running v0.49.03 before I started looking for the most recent addition. As I can only find wispers of build 138, and not the actual build itself.Installing an alternate dashboard such as Avalaunch to your Xbox is a great way to put applications, emulators, files and even copied games to your hard drive.

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The Pieps DSP Sport and Pieps DSP Pro were designed to be user-updatable, but this feature (specifically, the cable that is used to update these devices via the headphone jack) was never released to the public.

The Pieps Micro can be updating using a Bluetooth enabled Android or i OS device.

Why does Avalaunch crash when I try to enter the language settings? Once you have done this, most users problems will vanish.

Y is Enter Press white button again to remove the keyboard.

Insert the Avalaunch disk into your Xbox and turn on the system. Choose "System Settings" and select "IP." Make note of your Xbox's IP address.

Click on "Quick Connect." Type in the Xbox "IP" address.

The internal software in most digital avalanche transceivers can be updated.

This feature (pioneered by Pieps) allows you to update your beacon with new features without purchasing a new avalanche transceiver.

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