updating firefox on acer aspire one - Updating clamtk

| get smtp-vilter Qmail-Scanner is an add-on that enables a Qmail email server to scan all gateway-ed email for certain characteristics (i.e. It is typically used for its anti-virus protection functions, in which case it is used in conjunction with external virus scanners. | get qmail-scanner Simscan is a simple program enables qmail-smtpd to reject viruses, spam and block attachments during the SMTP conversation so the email never makes it into your computers.

updating clamtk-83

Immunet, powered by Clam AV is a fast, fully featured Windows desktop Anti-Virus (AV) solution that utilizes the power of advanced cloud based detection techniques and the strength of the time tested Clam AV engine.

This unique combination of technologies allows for a highly effective approach to today’s fast moving malware threats.

| get Clamdmail Clam SMTP is an SMTP filter for Postfix and other mail servers that checks for viruses using the Clam AV anti-virus software.

It aims to be lightweight, reliable, and simple rather than have a myriad of options. | get Clam SMTP Mail Avenger is a highly-configurable SMTP server.

check for updates it says my virus definitions are up to date and there is a new version of clamtk available but no way to download it.

i also installed it via synaptic package manager and not repositories.

For those who want the newest version, packages are available from the security project in the open Su SE Build Service. Open CSW is a community software project for Solaris 8 on both Sparc and x86.

It packages more than 2000 popular open source titles and they can all easily be installed with dependency handling via pkgutil which is modeled after Debians Clam Xav for Mac OS X is available for purchase at Clam Xav.

If your network is segmented or the end hosts are unable to reach the Internet, you should investigate setting up a private local mirror.

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