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I therefore can't add a trigger to the control directly, as the host page has no access to the button within the usercontrol. as you don't want the fileupload to trigger a async postback (it needs to do a browser postback to work), just be sure its not a trigger to the panel its inside.-- bruce ( "Leon Mayne" wrote: Having a bit of trouble here.

I guess I could make the control public, but wouldn't this get overwritten as soon as the designer file is updated? Register Post Back Control does the equivalent in code (youget reference to SM with Script Manager.

Get Current())"Use the Register Post Back Control method to register postback controlsinside an Update Panel control as triggers.

Registering a postback control with this method outside an Update Panel control has no affect because by default these controls do not perform asynchronous postbacks" Damn, almost worked, but it looks like neither the file upload control nor a panel implement an appropriate interface: "Control with ID 'pnl Upload' being registered through Register Async Post Back Control or Register Post Back Control must implement either INaming Container, IPost Back Data Handler, or IPost Back Event Handler." OK, do you know how to make just the file upload control not a trigger?

The rest of the controls in the usercontrol need to be triggers, but because there is an extra layer between the update panel and the file upload control I can't directly reference one from the other.

When user will select any book from the Radio Button List, its Title and Image will be displayed on Label and Image controls which are also inside Update Panel Content Template.

You can also drag and drop these controls directly from the Visual Studio 2008 toolbox into the Update Panel.NET AJAX Update Panel control and its features to implement AJAX behavior in your website. NET AJAX provides developers both server side and client side AJAX frameworks.Server side framework provides an easy way to implement AJAX functionality without having to learn Java Script.The following figure shows how your page will look like at design time in Visual Studio 2008.In this example I set Auto Post Back property of the Radio Button List control to true and that’s because every time user will select a Book Title it will post back automatically to the server to execute the code written in Selected Index Changed event of the control as following code shows: The code above is straight forward and is setting the Image Url and Text properties of Image and Label control from the Radio Button List selected item.If you will run this page now and will select different book titles the book title and image will change very quickly without full ASP. Following figure shows the output with all three book titles selected.

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