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What do you mean by "The $elem Match version does partial matching even if you have more than one field in the same element to match" [email protected] : Say the elements in your array have fields "a" and fields "b" : arr:[, , ..].I prefer to do this on the Mongo DB side, otherwise I have to load the document in client-side (Python) and construct the updated document and replace it with the existing one in Mongo DB.

Current solution can be only load document, update as you wish and save back or multiple atomic update for each nested array id.

But loading the document, modifying the array then saving it back will work.

Even the "answer" is using 2 queries the same as in this answer. I am also hoping there is a way to do this in one query to prevent any multi threading [email protected], how can I use the items.$.price inside the condition?

when I try to add a condition such as "increment only if the price is greater than 0", it doesn't work - basically nothing gets updated.

) before we did, then this command will do nothing and simply return null. If the array is not modified every second, then this will be very rare and will not have any impact on performance.

1 - I want to increase the price for "item_name":"my_item_two" and if it doesn't exists, it should be appended to the "items" array. For example, increase the price for "my_item_three" and at the same time increase the "total" (with the same value).

We want our UI element to look as shown on the right of the screen shot below (you can read the tutorials on how to create the Table UI widget and the 2 line chart seperately) To build this widget, we’re going to use a 3rd party Java Script charting library – which is simple, quite powerful, but very easy to use.

It has several charts including excellent line and area charts.

Something like: Note that this will only increment the first matched subdocument in any array (so if you have another document in the array with "item_name" equal to "my_item_two", it won't get incremented). To increment the total and the price of item_three in any document that contains "my_item_three," you can use the $inc operator on multiple fields at the same time. The answer for Question#2 is perfect and works fine :) But for Question#1, the problem is you should search for the document by "user_id", and not by "items.item_name". I felt like I was making this direction apparent from the links in my answer, but I kept getting resistance saying its not what he was looking for.

In this case I can not use the Positional Operator, as I haven't specified the array in the search query. Guess the OP just needed to see examples on how to do multiple $inc.

I can I use this in the where condition, or am I missing something?

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