Updating from office 2016

I noticed when I did this, I was able to launch Word 2011 applications without the above warning (I didn't try the others).

Any other tips to installing Office 2016 silently and in the background?

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Please make the additional space available required for the installation, and then try again." \ --button1 " OK " \ --icon caution \ --width 400 \ --quiet exit 0 else ## Otherwise, move on to checking for running Office apps check For Running Apps fi What's nice about this is it explicitly tells the user which apps need to be closed in the dialog that pops up and refreshes the list each time they click Continue.

So if for example it starts off with Outlook, Word and Excel all running, it displays those apps in the message.

1 I should clarify, while we haven't seen any issues in our testing of updating Office 2016, we use Before scripts (stolen from @mm2270) to force-quit the apps we are patching, after warning the users firsts I use the full suite vendor package from MS for both new installations and patching. It uses cocoa Dialog for the messaging, but you could easily swap it out for something like jamf Helper or even Applescript dialogs I imagine. /bin/bash cd Path="/Library/Application Support/JAMF/bin/cocoa Dialog.app/Contents/Mac OS/cocoa Dialog" custom Trigger="" if "$custom Trigger" == "" && "" !

I think the full suite package is smaller than the sum of the updates and it is nice to have one Office pkg per version rather than 6! = "" ; then custom Trigger="$4" elif "$custom Trigger" == "" && "" == "" ; then echo "A Custom trigger was not specified in parameter 4. Exiting..." exit 1 fi app Check List=( "Microsoft Outlook" "Microsoft Word" "Microsoft Excel" "Microsoft Power Point" "My Day" ) function check For Running Apps () ## Get the free disk space on the internal drive free Disk Space=$(df -H / | awk '' | sed 's/[A-Z]//') ## If free space is too low, alert user and exit if "$free Disk Space" -lt 12 ; then "$cd Path" msgbox \ --title "EMC IT" \ --text "Not enough free disk space" \ --informative-text "Sorry.

If they close Word and Excel but leave Outlook open and click Continue, it pops back up but this time only shows Outlook in the list of apps needing to be closed.

Once everything's properly closed, the script then calls a second policy by its custom trigger (passed in ) that does the actual Office 2016 installation.While Microsoft officials did say a week ago that the company would be moving to a servicing/branch model with Office 2016 similar to the one the Windows 10 team is using, details on exactly how that would play out for Office users were scarce.But thanks to a find from the Super Site for Windows folks -- plus a few other Microsoft pages and KB articles -- we now know more.So this script is used in a "pre" policy to make sure the conditions are right.Since Office 2016 is so large, I'm also checking for enough available disk space before allowing it to continue as you can see.Automatic updates to Office 2016 for those on these three plans won't begin until the fourth quarter of 2016..

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