Updating navigon 7200t

It may not be the most well known name in sat-navs, but Navigon is definitely one of the most significant players.

Almost exactly two years ago, the company bought Navteq’s software division – although the mapping portion was acquired by Nokia.

So Navigon has a close relationship with one of the two main suppliers of sat-nav mapping.

The 7210 takes advantage of this, including maps for 40 European countries.

It requires minimal training – reading out loud a single sentence – and after that is triggered by a press of the Voice Entry button.

You’re asked to speak the city, the street and the house number in turn, each punctuated by a beep.

You can configure the 7210 to provide more tolerance depending on the area – such as 5mph in built-up areas and 10mph when buildings are not nearby.

A novel addition is the Curve Warner, which lets you know of sharp bends on the route as you approach them.

What you do get is “Reality View Pro”, for on-screen lane and sign information, “Landmark View 3D”, for 3D city-scape, voice recognition destination entry, Bluetooth and a lifetime subscription to Clear Channel Total Traffic updates. Build quality is good, with a sleek but sturdy casing.

The 7200T fits snugly into its windscreen mount but pops out readily; the edge-to-edge glass on the front is another neat touch.

Accuracy has proved fair, thought the 7200T is quite location specific (move it in the car and you may have to run the training again), and it apparently learns the more you use it.

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