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but it comes back saying that Windows is up to date within a few minutes and the process goes back down to a much more reasonable 120 MB.

The WSUS server indicates that the laptop has 100% of its updates and the machine is once again running as it should.

I guess that was the reason they made us wait for so long.

They wanted to make version upgrades like Windows 10 integrated into WU.

While not every part of a laptop is easily accessible, the laptop RAM is often super-easy to exchange.

Check whether your laptop has an access hatch for the RAM on its back or whether the back cover or keyboard is easy to remove to expose the RAM.If it’s not instantly visible, consult the manual or the manufacturer website.Once you know how to physically access the RAM, the hard part is to figure out how much RAM you need, and which type of RAM is compatible with your laptop.I should say at this point that the problem for me seems to have been resolved… the windows update service no longer gets stuck staring into WSUS space and the process no longer consumes every last scrap of available memory for hours while its checking for updates.Here are the steps I took in the order I took them: I just hit “check for updates” and the process that is running the windows update service spikes up to 700MB for a minute or two then spikes all the way up to 1.5GB (on this 2GB machine) so the problem isn't 100% resolved…The total memory includes the amount of memory that originally came with the computer plus the new memory you added, or if all the memory has been replaced, the new total for that memory.

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