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Well it doesn't look like the client is much different, and WINE has come a long way. I guess you can still post in this thread if you have problems, and if someone who plays the game in Ubuntu is around, they'll help out. If RO can live for ten plus years, then this thread can keep popping up.

I'm trying to run Ragnarok Online, but I keep getting this error: wine: Call from 0x402052 to unimplemented function MFC42.

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The fact that the client was in Korean leads me to believe that it could not read the Data folder, where translated sprites are located, but the other issues appear to be problems with video and sound emulation.

Note that (0x20024,00000c13) fixme:ddraw: IDirect Draw Impl_Set Cooperative Level (0x1e6aa8) Unhandled flag DDSCL_MULTITHREADED, Uh Oh...

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Private servers are tricky as they tend to use data folders, which for some reason cause problems.

Step 7: type wine, a space, the name of the executable, another space, and 1rag1 (those are ones, not Ls) The client should load properly 2010: Wow, this game is still around.

Recently we all get to know that anthem Ro is getting the episode.

This will be whole lot of fun when 17th this month arrive. Whenever i hit niff it always make my screen freeze for like every few seconds.

Ragnarok Online server maintenance can leave the game down for either minutes or hours, for some this is a godsend because they believe it will enhance the game and for others it is a nightmare because they are unable to play.

But other problems do arise and this can cause annoyance for its players.

Yes the new episode will be up online if everything goes on fine with non major bugs. And umm u guys remember the server update about that "valk" Yeah. I know u guys really understand when laggy at niff will cause frustration.

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