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25 years ago today, the whole world looked on as Billy Joel took his family, his music and his concert show to the former Soviet Union in late July and early August 1987.

Billy summarized his feelings soon after completing the Bridge Tour and returning to his home in the States, ' You're not quite the same once you've been there.'' The tour to the former Soviet Union was not only unprecedented at the time, it was tremendously exciting, and a vivid demonstration of music's power to connect and communicate.

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The lamp of the sixth sense with red star of Soviet army with the hammer and sickle inside.

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No American rock star had ever included the USSR in a fully-staged tour, and when Billy and his family flew into Moscow on a sunny July afternoon, no one knew what to expect; not the musicians, not the Soviet officials who agreed to the tour, not the Soviet rock fans whose curiosity drew them to the arenas.

When Billy left the Soviet Union, almost three weeks later, his name had become virtually a household word across the vast expanse of the USSR.

Gorbachev's glasnost (policy of greater openness) encouraged artistic expression and cultural exchange in areas that had previously been taboo or strictly controlled.

The most visible and glamorous of these areas was that of rock music.

For the Americans on the bus, a lifetime of conditioning was at work.

It was hard to see only pedestrians, cars and trucks, shops, and ice cream vendors, for these were Russian pedestrians, Russian vehicles, Russian shops, and this was life behind the Iron Curtain.

Much was accomplished as thousands of Soviets threw aside the rulebook that determined public activities in the Soviet Union for generations. In Manhattan, millions of alarms were being cursed. Nonetheless, faces pressed against the windows, devouring first impressions of a scene both patently familiar and conspicuously different in ways that were uneasily hard to define.

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