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But I certainly, in my life have been involved in Africa since the early 1980s, I certainly appreciated when George Clooney went on CNN, got to go right in, meet the president and have his say about what he believes is important to address there, or any of his thousand best friends.

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The writer exactly flipped what I was trying to say about unfortunate kids. What is the difference, and what is the status of that?

THR: You were going to make a film about Mark Twain. Kilmer: Oh, I had been preparing to go out and fund-raise, and as I got closer to having a script and a budget and starting to talk to actors, I realized that I hadn't devoted enough time to the character.

He angled himself as incidental to social relevance, but really it's at the core of his brilliance, of being able to humorously approach subjects that are either taboo, like writing humorously about religion, or some of the glaring social injustices.

Like when he was a kid in San Francisco, writing about the Chinese immigrant community and what was happening there, it got him fired.

Completing his formal training at the Juilliard School of Performing Arts, at the age of 17, Kilmer was the youngest ever admitted to the Drama department.

While perfecting his acting skills he got his first film role in the comedy spoof Top Secret, 1984.

THR: You're playing him, but do you see yourself as someone who is a modern Mark Twain? Kilmer: Certainly, in terms of outreach and power and respect, I think Jon Stewart is a worthy comparison because he's got a very specific agenda and he seems to be getting, even gaining, a respect from the conservative community because, like Twain, his stuff is so -- you can't really deny him.

Twain was kind of a ridiculous showman and self-promoter, like Stephen Colbert, so that's the kind of American satirist.

THR: Why do you think there is cynicism about celebrities who do those things? () Like I said, I don't fault anybody trying to do good.

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