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For managers, the findings illustrate the inadequacy of earlier, simplistic models and call for a broader understanding of menu optimization approaches.▶ We extend menu engineering models by applying data envelopment analysis.

▶ A structural equation model validates the resulting archetype.

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Yet, veterinarians played little to no official role in them.

Because (aka marijuana, grass, pot, hash, ganja, et al.)— a plant cultivated for literally thousands of years for its seeds, fibers and medicinal value—is a federally designated Schedule 1 controlled substance, a “drug with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.” So, even if vets believe that medical marijuana could or would relieve a dog’s pain, nausea or seizures, their hands are tied, including in the 23 states and the District of Columbia where cannabis is legal for human medical use.

This is problematic in that traditional menu management and analysis models share the common and irremediable shortcoming of variable interdependency, in which the central intersection between vectors in a matrix is dictated by the means for the associated variables.

In other words, changes to a single menu item alter the means of the related variables and artificially alter the position of other menu items.

This paper extends the more holistic model made possible by applying DEA and then tests the resulting archetype using structural equation modeling (SEM).

The results suggest that DEA models are valid and that even more complex models are possible.

▶ Results suggest that even more complex models are possible.

▶ The findings illustrate the inadequacy of earlier, simplistic models.

A: The DEA Controlled substance Order Form (DEA 222) for Schedule 1 and 2 controlled substances may be ordered using the following link: https:// Forms The DEA 222 Order Forms may also be ordered by calling the DEA Registration Service Center toll free at 1-800-882-9539 or the nearest DEA Registration Field Office (https:// Dea/spring/main).

The forms will be mailed within three working days.

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