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When she is not writing, Juliet enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

Visit: Vampires in fiction have been given short-shrift in the post-Twilight years and perhaps in some cases, rightly so, but vampire PNR is still a favourite genre of mine, if the authors can do something slightly different and not wander down the path of well-trodden tropes.

Reminds me of Mary Janice Davidson's Undead series... I have not read that series since the cover was not enough to get me to open the book. I love what I call "campy vampy" novels and that's what Dead End Dating is. But I forced myself to read it in several evenings to get the most of out the experience. If you've read any of the Betsy the Vampire Queen books or anything like it, you will LOVE this book.

Cute and funny great read to unwind from a stressful day... Vampire Lil decided she wants to run a dating service for vampire and humans, and not letting her human receptionist know she's a vampire.... Few very pop culture references which are telling in a way, in that I can't imagine that they will hold up all that well so it kind of time-stamps the books. The books mixes fantasy with humor and mystery and a little romance. She loves pink (black doesn't make her look good), she gets a spray on tan and "lives" for Janet Evanovich novels. It's a funny and witty vampire-lite, chick-lit-type book that had me cracking up on page one.

I read this because I had heard it was like the queen betsy series, I LOVE the queen betsy series and this is SO not even close.

I may read the next book to see if the story improves any as it goes on but probably not.

I had to read it start to finish in one sitting because I just couldn't put it down and am definitely looking forward to book 2 because this looks like another series I'll get hooked on.

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.She holds a degree in Spanish and Latin American studies and works part-time in a local primary school where she spends far too much time discussing Harry Potter.Since joining global storytelling site Wattpad in 2014, her work has received millions of hits online and gained a legion of fans from all over the world.Emails flew back and forth containing lush vignettes of blood and ecstasy in Romania, Egypt, Paris and the Far East.Teasing and tempting Fate, their ancient identities emerged as history's only mated vampires, Count Vladimir and Countess Vivienne Orloff.A strong and personable heroine delights as she navigates her way through the treacherous waters of online dating.- - "A madcap adventure of biting humor, steamy chemistry, eclectic characters and some over-the-top antics.

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