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We bring together the most vibrant, diverse, and young community leaders in Asia and the Pacific, supported by Hivos and APCOM.Religious freedom remains a dream for Vietnamese Christians, despite recent reports touting the country’s diversity and tolerance.Legal recognition of transgender people is gaining across the region but often with significant restrictions or conditions, such as where legal gender can only be changed after sex­‐reassignment surgery, regardless of their overall appearance or how they may identify.

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As International Youth Day approaches (12 August), Youth Voices Count calls for a new generation of gay and transgender activists to come forward and raise voices from a whisper to a ROAR!

Bangkok, August 3, 2015 ­‐ As other parts of the world see incredible progress on the rights of gay and transgender people – most notably marriage equality in the USA and much of Europe – across Asia and the Pacific, gay men and transgender people continue to face discrimination and violence.

Pairs from India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Viet Nam took part in the inaugural 5 day program, 15­‐19 June 2015, with topics covered including human rights, gender and sexuality, effective interventions, media and communications and programme development.

This and other opportunities are regularly available to YVC members. “Being gay in Asia and the Pacific is a difficult thing to face.” Qui, Viet Nam “I know there’s a need for us to speak up for our rights as young gays and transgender.” Brian, Philippines “I’ve seen so many of my friends, my relatives, and I mean my community relatives, pass away due to HIV over the last 15 years.

The bill would prohibit any increase in non-humanitarian aid to Vietnam unless it improves its record on human rights.

Shellshock: Nam '67 is a third-person shooter set during the Vietnam War and made by the developers of Killzone.

Police and soldiers fired on the crowd, injuring 40 people. Morgan said authorities in the province of Binh Phuoc are “insisting on 116 chapels that fall under the legally registered Evangelical Church of Vietnam be torn down.” reported in September that the government was trying to take more land from the Redemptorists of Thai Ha parish, a Catholic group.

After investigating the death of the church elder in police custody, officials said he died by electrocution, but claimed it was self-inflicted, according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide. Todd Nettleton, director of Media Development for Voice of the Martyrs, said that “most government leaders certainly consider Christianity a ‘Western’ religion and see it as a threat to communist rule or even a form of espionage from the West designed to undermine their power.” He noted that “ethnic animosity” also comes into play in some arrests.

This year at least 50 Christians were arrested, many pastors and church leaders remain in prison, and a Hmong church elder died in police custody.

For all these reasons, Open Doors International ranked Vietnam No.

“Christians simply cannot meet without the permission of the government.” Vietnam also requires all religious publishing go through a government agency.

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