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WOTE formed 6 years ago in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, releasing two full length albums and several singles independently.The band began creating low-budget You Tube videos that quickly resulted in an ever-growing fan base all over the world.Marshall stands out with a raspy yet silky voice that is truly unique.

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Let's meet the band: There's Gianni, a dynamic producer and multi-contributor.

Gianni has been obsessed with all aspects of music for pretty much his whole life.

Being the female vocal in the band, Sarah adds a dynamic that will captivate you.

She has played in bands that have taken her to over 30 countries, and with her experience and infatuation with music, she was a perfect match for WOTE's work ethic and motivation.

But they were determined more than ever to keep the buzz going, and WOTE got down to work in Gianni's studio in Burlington, recording their debut album for Columbia Records, called "R. The drumbastic chorus has such thrust it'll wake every cell in your body and have you thinking, "this is a band that wants to be heard." In keeping with WOTE's commitment to visual counterparts for their songs, the band will be releasing several videos for the tracks on "R. The video was, in true WOTE form, done in one take, and is an incredible vision that touches on everything the band is about stylistically.

It is completely idiosyncratic, and will stun you as you watch over and over again, studying every move and truly appreciating how amazing the strategy and production really is.Marshall adds an incredible amount of charm to the band's sound.When he wasn't immersing himself in music, Marshall somehow found the time to study hard in college, where he earned a Bachelor in Economics. Taylor began his musical adventure at the age of 4.It didn't take long for her to join in full throttle.Sarah also creates most of the band's artwork, though she'll laugh if you ask her if she's had any formal graphic arts training.The single-take videos became their signature, and to date 90% of the videos they make are done in one take, even though their editing skills have developed over the years.

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