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My Blackberry won't connect to 2go, how do I fix this?Some Blackberrys need a small change to allow them to work with 2go. A GPRS (data) connection is required so that you can chat with other people in 2go.

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The app could not be downloaded due to an error 400 is a Google Play Store Error affecting Android smartphones.

Another format of this error is something like this- Unknown error code during application install 400.

Following these instructions on your phone to fix the problem: Run 2go again and it will work. A small fee is charged by every mobile network operator to maintain a GPRS connection.

Remember that this costs much less than it would normally cost to send an SMS!

My phone wasn't detected when I registered, can I still use 2go? Users updating an existing installation should start here My phone gets stuck on the 'Connecting' screen, what do I do?

If your phone model was not detected, you can select your manufacturer from the list and choose the 'All' model. Please verify that your phone's GPRS (data) settings are correct.

In my case, the error was resolved automatically on second try.

If you are still getting the error while updating or installing apps in Google Play, try these quick methods to fix Google Play Error 400: Some of the methods can help resolve not just error 400 but also Play store error 924 . Please let us know in the comments if you have other fixes or possible solution for the Google Play error code 400.

Once installed, launch the 2go application and you will be able to start messaging within seconds. Are there any phones made by these manufacturers that cannot run 2go? There is not a single fix to resolve this issue, but rather a series of actions that should be tried until the installation succeeds.

Yes, the Samsung SGH-X660 and the Samsung SGH-M600. The following steps should be tried, in order, until the problem is resolved: A.

I have lost my password, how can I get it sent to me?

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