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Jiang also allegedly said that if a woman didn’t make 0 a day, she was fired.

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Orput said authorities have offered support services to a number of the victims and will continue to do so, but noted that many might be too fearful to accept help or speak up. Authorities noted that the investigation is ongoing, and that more suspects could also be identified.

The traffickers often threatened the women with deportation, he said, later adding that it’s unclear what “pipeline” led them into the United States. Authorities were alerted to the ring when an informant told Minneapolis police about an apartment in St. Police found two women there who were being trafficked, which led them to about 18,000 ads that had been placed on

At least 10 victims were rotated through a house on the 1900 block of Burns Avenue in St. When authorities searched a home in the 7800 block of Hemingway Avenue in Cottage Grove on Feb.

22, 2017, they found “hundreds” of used condoms inside a garbage can, according to the charges.

He agreed and transferred a deposit of i Tunes points to the woman’s email address. I told Ming Pao he waited for a long time and finally got a call from a man who claimed to be the woman’s boss.

Speaking Mandarin with a “Guangdong” accent, the man claimed to be a “Big Circle” gangster and demanded that Mr.Jiang’s interview with authorities appeared to be key to investigating the other suspects.He was initially charged last month with five felonies in connection with the case before the racketeering charges were filed.Seven addresses in Minnesota were connected to the case, one each in Oakdale, Cottage Grove, St. According to the complaints alleging criminal activity from February 2015 to February 2017: Jiang coordinated the trafficking in Minnesota and North Dakota under direction from Jiang and Navas, whom Jiang told authorities were the “boss ladies.” Jiang purchased, rented and leased businesses, houses, apartments and hotels in the metro area between July 2016 to February 2017. “Defendant Jiang described the brutality of the female victims’ experiences in commercial sex work with frequent assaults, rapes and robbery by customers,” the complaints said. As stated by Defendant Jing, getting beat[en] and raped is ‘just part of the business,’ it is a ‘high income, high risk’ enterprise.” Jiang allegedly said that the traffickers received per customer, and that the women were each charged a day for housing and any time they received transportation from the traffickers.The women also had to pay for their own food and hotels.Chinese students in Vancouver and Richmond are being targeted in an international “sex-for-credit” scam run on the Chinese social networking app We Chat.

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