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"I'm going to start shooting again in a couple weeks, so you have to tune in to find out more." Sweeney left in 2014 after starring on the series since 1993.She told Soap Opera Digest she will return to the show in May for "an extended visit." "From my end, it takes a little bit of logistics with projects I'm working on.

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The gig came in handy, considering her penchant for switching paternity test results.6.

Sami is sorely lacking in the female friend department.

I'm so excited to tell all of you in person, sort of," Sweeney said in the clip.

"I'm really, really excited to be back in Salem," she added.

I was so proud of myself that night for working hard on my body."I've learned that anything's possible."I gained 35 pounds during my pregnancy with Ben [now 6] and 25 with Megan [now 2]. "I went right from the set of finale to the hospital and gave birth to Megan. ' You can choose to be allies and take care of each other."Have a backup plan"I used to be like, ' Oh, I'm going to miss Spin.

When I was getting back in shape after having Megan, I told my trainer, ' I want my body back! I guess I can't work out today.' Well, no! One night, in the middle of my workout, the assistant director came to get me for a shot. She has to finish 20 pull-ups; she's only done 12.

I'll be shooting in Salem in May and June," she shared.

After 15 years of marriage, Alison Sweeney and her husband, David Sanov, know a thing or two about keeping a relationship alive.

fans have loved to hate and root for over two decades; a feisty, fiery brat, who's manipulated her way into their hearts of many a Salem man. Check out these 25 facts about the incomparable Sami Brady.1.

Originally born on October 16, 1984, Sami should be turning 29 in 2013. On the positive side, Sami is optimistic and social and knows how to charm others.

You pursue your career, but you don't attack your weight.' It was loving but an eye-opener. Pink stone bracelets, Ippolita I put in the work."I'm on camera 50 weeks a year, so I have to be proud of how I look all the time.

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