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The year is starting out right for K-Pop fans and their idols.More dating and wedding news were confirmed recently, one of which is that of Bo A and Joo Won.She has also produced another eight albums in Japanese and one in English.

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Here are some instances which I am sure many have missed:1. In Alabasta Arc, when the gang takes a joint bath after Crocodile fight (Episode 128).

When the crew first encounter Mr.2 Bon Clay, he shows his devil fruit ability of "change". Nami flashes openly to everyone, dropping the towel.

They started developing feelings for each other after a particular event with other colleagues and acquaintances.

It was also reported that Bo A and Joo Won bonded over their similar taste in music and hobbies (they both enjoy golf and hiking).

Once he transforms to Nami, he flashes them saying "Even the body changes! Luffy starts having nosebleed and collapses like everyone (see his reaction).

According to TV report, who first broke the news, the couple has been dating since late last year.“It’s cute to see them cherish one another and date cautiously. Many around them are envious of the couple.” After the report came out from TV Report, Joo Won’s side quickly confirmed the news. Actor Joo Won and Bo A reportedly have been dating since late last year, they both share the same hobbies https://t.co/wtf Rhg ENN9 pic.twitter.com/p Xnrowe Pmx— The Seoul Story (@theseoulstory) January 18, 2017 According to local media source TV Report, actor Joo Won and singer-actor Bo A have been dating since the end of last year after meeting in a gathering of their respective colleagues and acquaintances. [ 48, -3] They're celebrities I personally like individually but I don't think they match together well ㅋ 10. [ 28, -3] I think there height difference would be more daebak than their age difference 16. What links them together are their similar hobbies and values. [ 25, -0] Really not fond of male celebrities who get into public relationships before enlisting. Even the bewitching beauty of Boa Hancock could not sway him.

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