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Such a reference to Sonny with a Chance was made when Grady kept hitting the applause button while trying to open a pickle jar, and Zora goes offstage to tell him to stop.

Special musical guest: Coco Jones Guest stars: Grace Bannon, Damian Haas, Matthew Scott Montgomery, Audrey Whitby Sketches: Bracey Girrlz Rap, Sally Jensen: Kid Lawyer, Nolan: Part 1, Angus: Supermodel from Down Under, Nolan: Part 2, The Back Up Singers, Nolan: Part 3 Jacob Latimore performs "Like 'Em All", Tomato Sue raps about ketchup, and Reynaldo starts a fight between sisters during his Spanish lesson! Special musical guest: Mindless Behavior Guest stars: Damian Haas, Matthew Scott Montgomery, Shayne Topp, Audrey Whitby and Drew Baker Sketches: Awkward Years Cocoon, The Coolest Kid in School: Part 1, Mr.

Special musical guest: Jacob Latimore Guest stars: Damian Haas, Coco Jones, Matthew Scott Montgomery, Bridget Shergalis, Shayne Topp Sketches: Ketchup on Everything, Rufus at the Movies, Puppy Playdate, Sally Jensen: Kid Lawyer, The Back Up Singers II, The Sparrow Family Mindless Behavior performs "My Girl". Mc Namara, The Coolest Kid in School: Part 2, The Platowski Brothers, Crazy Carson's Lost N Found, The Coolest Kid in School: Part 3 Note: This episode aired on Disney XD on Sunday, October 24, 2011.

Though it is formatted as a sketch comedy series, So Random!

retains the fictional universe style of the sitcom it spun off from, with the main cast members playing both the characters they originated on Sonny with a Chance, in addition to playing the characters appearing in each of the sketches.

Special musical guests: Iyaz, featuring John Hasler Guest stars: Matthew Scott Montgomery, Damien Haas, Shayne Topp, Audrey Whitby, Bridget Shergalis Sketches: Candy Pants, Halloween Do's and Dont's: Part 1, Sally Jensen: Kid Lawyer, Halloween Do's and Dont's: Part 2, Fly Guy (Superhero), Halloween Do's and Dont's: Part 3, Rufus: Halloween Note: This is a So Random! The "Halloween Do's and Don'ts" segments from A So Random!

Halloween Special on Sonny with a Chance are used in this episode.

Each episode is typically written by two writers (whereas opening segments and sketches in a traditional sketch comedy series are written by a team of up to twelve writers). Special musical guest: Cody Simpson Guest stars: Grace Bannon, Damian Haas, Matthew Scott Montgomery, Shayne Topp Sketches: All Star Wheel of Fortune, Helmet Ninjas, Zombie Man, Rufus: Kid with Excuses, Tantrum Girl on Ponies Greyson Chance performs "Waiting Outside the Lines".

Special musical guest: Greyson Chance Guest stars: Grace Bannon, Damien Haas, Bridget Shergalis, Shayne Topp, Audrey Whitby and Matthew Scott Montgomery, Nancy Cartwright Sketches: Socks with Sandals, Learning Spanish with Reynaldo Rivera, Bedazzle Zit, The Sparrow Family, The I'm Going to Marry Zach Feldman Show Note: This was the first episide to have two boys (Trafalgar and Chuck Charming) and only one girl (Fury).

Tony Hawk never appeared with Trafalgar, Cindy Rella or Mindy Rella.

Coco Jones performs "Stand Up" and participates in a sketch.

Zora opens the jar without difficulty, horrifying Grady.

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