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Like his fellow future Rangers, he grew up and lived in the city of Angel Grove and attended Angel Grove High School.

Jason taught a martial arts class at Ernie's Juice Bar and Gym, a place that Jason and his friends like to work out and hang out in.

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Leah Remini and director Paul Haggis have both famously walked away, and have been outspoke about their experiences within the church.

Last year, King of Queens alum Remini, 46, gave her side in her controversial tell-all, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology.

“And being that we don’t practice Scientology, and that we aren’t particularly interested in opening religious centers in general, we have no plans to open a Scientology center.

Quite a few rumors about me/us floating around, but none of it’s true.

Jason morphed into the Red Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger for the first time.

With these new powers, Jason and the other Rangers made quick work of the Putties.

Jason Lee Scott was the first Red Ranger, officially named as such, as well as the original leader of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

He later returned to become the second Gold Ranger of the Zeo Rangers, temporarily receiving those powers from Trey of Triforia.

As Zack was leading the group out, Jason lingered; he was a natural-born leader and the idea of him being a sort of modern day hero appealed to him greatly.

Very reluctantly, Jason followed his friends out of the Command Center.

As Jason was taking this all in, an even more strange sight awaited him.

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