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The band released their self-titled debut CD on September 11, 2007.

Amy Christine Dumas attended many different schools throughout her childhood and adolescent years and managed to finish high school at Lassiter High School six months before graduation.

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To get to where we are right now in WWE with this whole women’s movement, women’s empowerment, women’s revolution, there was a time when myself and Beth Phoenix were here in WWE along with several other women -- the Bella Twins, Eve Torres, Melina, Mickie James, Michelle Mc Cool -- we were ready for the revolution, when the revolution wasn’t quite ready for us.” She continued: “So it’s cool.

I did an event with Charlotte and Sasha [Banks] a few weeks ago, and I was just so touched by their attitude for the women who paved the way for them. 23 WWE Superstar Naomi (Trinity), an Orlando native, pays respect to the victims of Pulse Nightclub after the vicious shooting.

I can relate to that situation so much’ or ‘that made me emotional.’ I want people to be able to relate to us, because yes, we’re on TV, and yes, it looks like we have these terrific lives, traveling and being glamorous, but we’re really just like everyone else. We really have moments and situations that make us upset or make us happy.

Things that happen behind the scenes with our families.

I feel like as much as I show my personal life, nothing ever gets too out of hand, because we still have our values and morals, and we still understand that we’re very much PG....sometimes..you have to grab somebody and put them in the sharpshooter, you have to do what you have to do.” Natalya’s real life experiences are covered on “Total Divas.” “That’s what I love about the show,” she proudly said. “I love when people watch ‘Total Divas,’ and they say, ‘You know what Nattie.

“I can take my experiences and the things that I’ve gone through -- whether they’re good, whether they’re bad, whether they make me laugh or cry -- to people across the world watching. My dad went through that same exact thing, and I totally get it.Women just go through so much, and it’s cool to me to be able to share those feelings with the world, and they go, ‘Yea, I can relate to that,’ and they get something from watching the show.” Natalya is a very good wrestler, one of the best workers in the business, but she is an even better person, which you can witness firsthand through her life’s work captured on “Total Divas.” The show also allows viewers to follow the lives of several more WWE Superstars. Lana and I have gotten to be really good friends, but I was not ok with her throwing a shot put through the windshield of my car. It’s kind of an eye opening experience for her that what we do in the ring is super hard.Naomi (Trinity), who returns as a series regular, joins “Total Divas” newcomers Lana, Maryse and Renee Young. It was like an ‘ah ha’ moment for me on the show, where I was like, ‘Ok, it’s time for you to go home.’ Click Here Lana Shotput “Of course my dad [WWE legend Jim the Anvil Neidhart] didn’t understand what she was doing either. I think everybody literally fell in love with her on the show, along with seeing how crazy she made me get. Nattie noted: “I have my cat 2Pawz, and he’s very famous, and I always talk about him a lot, and Renee has her dog, Blue.[Nattie didn’t like the idea] [Chuckling] Dean Ambrose actually was on my side.He didn’t feel like the dog needed to gain those followers [laughs].Throughout her career, she won the WWE Women's Championship four times.

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