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While planning my rendezvous with Nick Jonas, I am hell-bent on getting him to do something totally, apocalyptically gay. A woman with her head in the shampoo bowl predicted that he could be a star and recommended an agent named Shirley.

Comeuppance, I think, for him jamming my social-media feeds with all those sexy photos. “It’s strange how clear that memory is,” Jonas says of that afternoon. It was my favorite thing to do—still is, it turns out.” He learned some show tunes, and within a couple of years was auditioning on Broadway.

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“It’s not the majority, but a large handful have a negative opinion for whatever reason,” he says, “and I think it’s really quite sad.” Still, regardless of whether he’s playing footsie with the LGBT community, his work is starting to speak for itself.

In Ryan Murphy’s Fox horror satire , is a man grappling with masculinity and a conservative family.

Earlier this month, Lovato made headlines after she decided to quit Twitter and Instagram following some not-so-nice comments haters left on her accounts. Bye Twitter,” she wrote, followed by a few more tweets for good measure.

“But why do people actually give a f–k what I say??

” I ask him after we meet and shake hands on New York’s West Side Highway, hoping to get the dish on some next-level hotel-room depravity — a dish that is, unfortunately, not on the menu. Jonas is an avid golfer back home in Los Angeles, where he shares a place with his brother Joe.

By age 10, Jonas had landed the role of Gavroche in .

The actor-singer effectively launched his career at age 6, when he was in a salon with his mother and she prompted him to sing a ditty for the customers.

They met at Bible college in Dallas, where together they ran a sign language ministry called Signs of Love.

One time, a mom and daughter snuck into Jonas’s dressing room.

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