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But in some respects the journey from Sloane Square to the nation's favourite cobbled street is the least surprising move in Bullmore's career. There are a lot of people on Coronation Street who say, 'I wish I'd gone sooner'."Bullmore returned to live in London in 1995 with a new husband, Scottish actor Paul Higgins, and a new-born daughter, Mary.

She left Corrie to perform with those enfants terribles of Nineties comedy, Chris Morris and Steve Coogan, she wrote acclaimed stage and radio plays, and now she lands supporting roles as varied as a police inspector in ITV1's returning girlie cop show Scott and Bailey (for which she has also written an episode), BBC1's latest round of Sherlock and in BBC4's delicious London Olympics satire, Twenty Twelve."I think it's a brilliant, accidental chaotic mixture," says Bullmore, a slim, fine-boned 48-year-old with something of the Kristin Scott Thomas about her. It was while pregnant that Bullmore was first inspired to put pen to paper.

Annabelle got a coveted invite to the Met Ball and attended during Chanel's recent airline themed fashion show.

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Annabelle also has a role in another historical drama Guy Ritchie's new King Arthur film. The talented blonde has appeared in BBC drama Annabelle is very well-connected in Hollywood, counting Jared Leto among her friends 9.

With her bohemian style and ethereal looks, she is a favourite in fashion circles. The up and coming talent is also friends with Jared Leto, Luke Evans, Emmy Rossum and Margot Robbie.

She is close to her cousins Jared, James and Damien who are all actors or directors. Her previous boyfriend was male model James Rousseau.

where she had steamy scenes as Jane Seymour opposite Jonathan Rhys Meyer's Henry VIII.

Chris Martin seems to be one of those gentlemen who definitely prefer blondes.

He is now seeing British actress Annabelle Wallis after the end of his on-off relationship with Jennifer Lawrence.

By 1660 when the last Spanish left, the English had an island virtually empty except for a few escaped Spanish slaves, who had probably interbred with the remaining Taino natives of the island: these fled to the Cockpit country and became the Maroons.

The island was populated by the granting of land by Letters Patent to planters as a means of settling the country.

If I'm writing, it means I'm home at dinner time, but I love writing with a sparky group.

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