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He enjoys a reputation for intelligence and sweetness of character from his fellow performers.Hamlin found steady onscreen work since his debut in films in 1978 but not all his films were successful.Their son Dimitri was born in 1981, a product of their four year relationship.

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A California native, Hamlin grew up in Pasadena with Berniece, his socialite mother and an older brother and half brother.

His father, Chauncey Hamlin was an aerospace engineer with two children from a previous marriage, almost 50 by the time Harry was born.

A reformed smoker, Hamlin tends to his garden when he is between performance roles.

Born (19/3/36) in Bern, Switzerland (of German parents), she started her film career while on holiday in Rome.

In 1970, Hamlin entered the University of California-Berkeley during the height of the college counterculture movement.

Like many of his fellow students, he participated in demonstrations.He appeared in the turkeys such as "Clash of the Titans," 1981 and the gay love triangle film "Making Love," 1982.His portrayal as a gay writer convinced many film producers that he was gay, making it difficult to get romantic lead roles.As head of his fraternity, he approved the admittance of female boarders to reside in the frat-house.A public scandal ensued comparing the frat-house to a brothel and administrators "encouraged" Hamlin to leave the university.In 1982, he developed more substantial credits with his theater work, playing the role of Hamlet in Shakespeare drama.

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