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And they always had people around them telling them how great they were and to try some of this or that. 'Keith in particular was surrounded by people telling him how great he was when he could hardly keep his eyes open.’Taylor revealed that around 1972-73, Keith’s drug-taking became a serious problem. ‘Keith had his own separate social scene and it was obvious there was a lot of drug-taking.There were also problems travelling to certain countries because of all the drug convictions.‘When I left John Mayall I was a London musician with London friends.

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Mick Taylor's rundown Suffolk semi Taylor, who replaced the erratic Brian Jones, played guitar on Honky Tonk Women, Wild Horses, Angie, It’s Only Rock And Roll and a host of other classic tracks.

He was present at the height of the band’s decadent excess at Nellcote in the South of France in the summer of 1971 and on the legendary tours of America in 19-73.

For years, he has refused to discuss his time as a Stone and has brushed off the two questions that have dogged him ever since: why did he leave, and does he regret it?

Now, 61-year-old Taylor has broken his silence in an extraordinary interview with The Mail on Sunday.

‘The next day, Mick called and asked if I wanted to join. I wasn’t impressed by all that and I think they kind of liked that attitude.

‘Part of the charm of the Rolling Stones, as far as I could see, was that they were not technically very good but were very raw and had great ideas.’Taylor was always set apart from the rest of the band, who had already been together for seven years by the time he joined.

‘Yeah, I know it needs doing,’ he said dismissively.

‘I just don’t feel up for it right now.’Even less edifying is the unopened stack of bills and threats to cut off the water, electricity and gas.

‘I sort of liked them, but was never passionate about the Stones. ‘At the first session, I overdubbed the guitar on Honky Tonk Women, but I thought they were all a little bit vain and full of themselves.‘After doing guitar parts on three songs, I said to Mick and Keith, “If you guys are just going to sit and mess around, I’m going home.

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