Windows 2016 dns not updating from dhcp

If we were to focus on the first half of the MAC address we would end up assigning large blocks of clients to the same DNS server, this would not be the intended outcome.

If we used the entire MAC address we would end up having to distribute 281,474,976,710,656 possibilities into each of our policies, too many to put in.

windows 2016 dns not updating from dhcp-55

One option could be to split your scopes and individually assign a random DNS server order for each half of the scope.

This is inefficient and will lead to an increase in management overhead to keep up.

DNS is one of the critical services needed for accessing network resources.

Response time of the DNS server is critical to the speed and performance of relying services.

In the script below, we create all 256 possibilities from 00 to FF in an array of conditions for each policy to meet.

Then assign the MAC address to each policy in a sequenced order to ensure a pseudo random assignment throughout the policies.

$Policy Prefix = The name of the policy $DNSServers = An array of possible DNS servers in your environment $Computer Name = An array of DHCP servers that you want to configure these policies on Add-Custom DHCPServerv4Load Balanced DNSPolicy DNS '','','' ' DC-01',' DC-02' There are two DHCP servers in a failover partnership in this example DC-01 and DC-02.

This command will run on both and configure three policies.

During high usage times I’ve seen varied response times, but under load the primary DNS server will respond slower than other DNS servers available to a site.

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