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You have three options to sort your matches by: “Crush,” “Maybe” and “Oy Vey.” If the crush is mutual, Jcrush will connect you in a private chat.

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The app’s advantage is the possibility to go back to your “Oy Vey” and “Maybe” lists and re-arrange your crushes. Go back to your Maybes and swipe right to “Crush” him and see if there is a potential match!

The app currently has an array of users of all different ages and geographic locations.

While leaving it up to fate to meet someone organically works for some people, in our busy day and age, I think having the option of taking matters into your own hands can speed up the process of finding someone! While we may be too shy to approach each other in person, Jcrush is an easy way to say “hello.” Break the ice over the app, and continue the conversation in person!

Use Jcrush to meet new people and How many times have you been walking down the street, locked eyes with somebody attractive… Let’s face it, even in a city as big as New York City, it’s a small world.

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Users log in via their Facebook account and with the swipe of a finger can sort potential matches by “Oy Vey,” “Maybe” or “Crush.” If the crush is mutual, the app connects users in a private chat and they take it from there.

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In a phone conversation on May 2, Putin outlined a plan to U. President Donald Trump for “deconflict zones” in four areas: Idlib province in northern Syria; a zone north of Homs in central Syria; an area east of Damascus known as Eastern Ghouta; and the southern region that borders Jordan, the Washington Post reported.

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