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Rumors of the website blockage began doing the rounds on Friday night, when Indian netizens reported that many popular pornography sites like You Porn and Pornhub were inaccessible through multiple service providers.

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It’s with great pleasure that the organization introduces Super Smash Bros. “Our loyal followers would know that one of the players we signed to Team YP a little over a year ago was Bizzarro Flame” said Brad Burns, VP of You Porn “feels good to be returning to familiar territory, and we think our fans will appreciate the newest addition as well” With that Team YP would like to welcome fan favorite Fatality to the family.

A Captain Falcon main who recently won 2 place at one of the most stacked Smash 4 tournaments in the world; 2GGC: Civil War he’s sure to make some noise with the team.

Internet service providers in India have blocked hundreds of pornographic websites at the behest of the Indian government, according to sources in the country’s communications ministry.

The sources said on Sunday that several websites (857 in total) were “found to be spreading anti-social activities,” the newspaper reported.

India is home to some of the most avid consumers of pornography, with data gathered by Pornhub showing that the South Asian nation ranks fifth in terms of daily visitors to the site and fourth in terms of mobile visitors.

Los Angeles (May 2017) – After a year of searching for a new team to add to the line-up, Team YP has finally found their match. For fans who have followed us for years now, they’ll remember that the organization already had a Smash Bros player.players Valentin “Valmaster” Petit and Anton “Filipinoman” Herrera.Valmaster and Filipinoman were barred from wearing the Team YP logo in the Capcom Pro Tour in May, following a similar ban on Team YP from ESL in April.However, the new sponsor likely prevent the team from being able to enter official Riot Games events like the Challenger Series and LCS.Pornographic websites are specifically prohibited as a sponsor for teams taking part in these events.The team will be competing in their first major tournament together at the end of April for the Gamers Assembly in Poitier, France. 15, 2017) – Hard to believe all the changes that can happen over the course of a few months. You may have heard rumors, but we are excited to finally (& officially) announce that not only will Valmaster continue his career with Team YP – Street Fighter IV, he has also decided to pursue a career in Overwatch with Team YP.

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